With our Rekord gutter system, we have revolutionised swimming pool construction. Years of experience and constant involvement with planning and development have given us the expertise we need. 

We have developed and finalised a complete, optimal gutter system that will meet the challenge of our customers' individual requirements. With the right gutter, your dream pool will become a reality effortlessly and without wasting resources. 

  • We offer eight models in our Rekord gutter system range.
  • Standard dimensions of the Rekord gutter, depending on model:
  • Lengths: 50 cm, 60 cm, 100 cm, 200 cm 
    Widths: 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm 
    Heights: 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm 
    lf desired, the Rekord gutter can be adjusted in cm increments (from 25 cm width, from 15 cm height, to 200 cm length). 
  • The Rekord gutter can be installed in solid concrete, Styrofoam, and breeze blocks as well as various types of masonry. Ideal for pool conversions and renovations. 
  • Combine the models for great design freedom. 

For municipal, commercial, and private swimming pools New construction - conversion - renovation 

Overflow gutter made of solid prefabricated parts with integrated film profile (PVC-coated, FPO coated if required), including offset for fleece insert- so that the transition to the film profile is flush.

The gutter stone is factory-produced in A1 design - with a wide casting opening and four adjusting screws per stone for precise height adjustment. On request, the Rekord gutter stones can also be produced with a gutter bottom. 

A2 design: with adjusting screws and a narrow casting opening 
A3 design: no adjusting screws 


•    Using the integrated adjusting screws, the height of the gutter can easily be precisely adjusted (adjustable up to 50 mm from the standard gutter dimension)
•    The best possible connection between the gutter and pool wall through
precast concrete and iron inserts
•    In one step, the gutter bottom can be made with a slope leading to the drain during,
thereby eliminating the circular pipeline
•    Low weight, from approx. 25 kg/running meter
•    Quick and easy assembly
•    The gutter can be adjusted to round edges by segment cuts
•    The Rekord gutter can be adjusted in cm increments if required


  • Smart rekord gutter system: the smart overflow gutter for your swimming pool!

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